Final Project: Monologue

For my final creative project, I wrote a monologue from the perspective of a girl thinking about joining a gang. We had learned about girls in gangs in my criminology class this semester, and I thought I could use that topic to tie into the topic of the American Gangster. I chose to make my argument micro-level, providing a reason for a single person’s fascination with gangs/gangsters. I used Ruth’s idea of display of wealth, O’Kane’s argument about why people are forced onto the crooked ladder, and various details about gangs to form my argument. Along with these, I used information from the research on girls in gangs which we studied in criminology.

To write the monologue, I used my knowledge from being in drama to create a character and have her say what she wanted to say. After figuring out what the character needed to say, I incorporated information and ideas from the course into the argument at places where they fit well. One thing I did not try to make authentic was the speech of the character. She is a young woman of color living in the inner city, but I made her sound pretty much like me because I did not want to attempt to make her sound like a stereotype/be offensive. I also needed to be able to incorporate the keyterms.

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