Guest Post: Rachel Dominic

Since the 20th century, our society has held a fascination for the American gangster lifestyle represented in films. This societal fondness has been fashioned from the idea that people want a world at their fingertips, which is the world of a gangster. I believe the public appeal toward gangster is not violence and bloodshed, but the all-powerful god-like figure that gangsters seem to become. A gangster is able to operate and have complete control of his surroundings with a simple nod or snap of the fingers. Typical films portray gangsters as rich or well-dressed individuals who seem to capture and hold a room’s attention with a single look. For example, during the opening scene of The Godfather, we are meant to see the point of view of Don Corleone, which plays into the character’s favor. As the scene continues, the audience quickly learns the power and authority of the public officials is nothing compared to the authority of the Godfather. In today’s society, the public seeks for fame, fortune, and power, which is the ideal picture of a gangster. ┬áIn essence, the public is trying to gather the pieces to closely resemble an all-powerful being.

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