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I recently asked my friend Rachel to write a guest post on a topic pertaining to this blog. The post she provided (the post published previously) explained why she believes gangsters, and gangster films in particular, continue to fascinate Americans. I find her claim that gangsters are captivating because they are practically god-like in their realm of influence to be interesting. It is a claim which is different from the claims of our readings, but it very well may be accurate, at least in part. In “Dressed to Kill”, David Ruth repeatedly referred to “inventors of the gangster”. According to Ruth, the gangster that is well-known to the public was created as a way for people to sort out or represent conflicts in culture and, therefore, often in themselves. When considered in this light, gangster films could certainly have been partly about examining the desire people have to be in control and in power; it also could be a commentary on the dangers of such power or the ways such power may be abused. Rachel used the opening scene of The Godfather as evidence for her claim, and I would be interested to see what other examples there might be in other movies.

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