What a semester this has been. Overall, it has been crazy, but it has lead to lots of quality friendships and lots of learning. In this class specifically, I have grown greatly. There were plenty of times where I did not want to do the work or put in the effort, but, because I pushed through, I became a better writer. I learned the value of doing preliminary things as they helped me to develop my argument before actually starting to write. I now feel I can incorporate motive and stance much more effectively than I could before taking this course. Overall, I believe my ability to structure and deliver an argument has greatly improved.

Though not related to writing, I think the result of this class which surprised me the most was me gaining an appreciation of gangsta rap. I would not say that I am now a fan of the genre, but I have learned its importance culturally and the importance of the messages it sends. I understand the controversy surrounding it; however, I also know that I cannot fully understand its importance. Because of this, I believe I now have a healthy respect for and appreciation of it.

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